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Chances are you were directed here by one our members. If you know what you’re doing,

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Otherwise, if you’re new to Mumble (or feeling a bit rusty), we’ve set up a little guide to help you!

It might look long, but most of it is just pictures 🙂

How to set up Mumble in 10 easy steps!
Download and Installation

1. Go to or google “Mumble” and go to soundforge.
2. Download the most recent stable version.

3. Install Mumble

Configuring Audio

4. Start the audio wizard. This is not a long process but make sure you take the time to set it up properly, as Mumble automatically normalises everyone’s voice. No rushing the wizard!

5. Select your microphone and playback device.

6. Set the jitter compensation to as low as possible before failure.

7. Time to customise mumble to your voice. This has two small objectives:

a) To set your microphones maximum sensitivity in your operating system/3rd party drivers to as high as possible without distorting the sound during cope your occasional bursts of excitement/frustration.
b) To figure out the maximum dynamic of your voice (this relates to how much Mumble is willing to amplify your voice, although sometimes we’ll tweak it in settings).

Behold, upper and lower limits!


Mic sensitivity screens might look like either of the pictures below

8. Select “Push-to-talk” and bind a key. Make sure it is easy to press.

8.5. It’s best to keep these options at their standard positions.

9. Lastly you’ll get a positioning audio text. Click next and you’re done with Audio!

Generating A Certificate (Digital ID)

9.1. Click certificate wizard.

9.2 Create a new certificate.

9.3 Enter details. Listing an email account is optional, but recommended.

9.4 Export the certificate and save the file somewhere safe! (like an online dropbox, backup hard drive, etc). Then you’re done with a certificate!

Almost there!

Connecting to SD

9.5 Click on the globe icon, or “Server” directly above it and click connect.

9.6 Click “Add New…” and input our server details

Label: Sweet Disposition
Port: 6002
Name: <your name here>

and then OK! Now connect!

Congrats, you’ve just set up Mumble in 10 easy steps!