Sweet Disposition Guild Charter

Requirements of Membership:

You will follow our guild rules

You agree to follow the policies laid out in the Guild Charter and will conduct yourself with good faith towards towards our members and the Guild Wars 2 community.

You will do no harm

Acting in good faith towards the Guild Wars 2 community is not limited to when actively representing Sweet Disposition. Acts of malicious intent, such as harassment, griefing, deception or intentional harm towards other players will not be tolerated, regardless of if Sweet Disposition was being displayed as your guild at the time.

Real Life is more important than Guild Wars 2 and Sweet Disposition

We love you, we really do, but if stuff needs sorting in your life, attend to it. We’ll be waiting for you, promise.

Code of Conduct:

As a guild, our ideal is to have a mature, tightly knit community, with little drama and lots of fun.

Be respectful and considerate to other players, both inside and out of the guild

We all have our bad days. Real Life throws us a lemon, ruins our day (or even week, etc!) and it trickles down into the game; It happens, we understand. However, the guild and its members will not serve as a punching bag for Real Life problems. We’re a supportive guild and care about all of our members, but we will not host chronic pity parties or put up with regular tantrums.

Be willing to put the guild first and help out from time to time

Every now and again be prepared to lend a hand to your fellow guildies.

You are responsible for your account

If you leave to take a “shower” and your “little sister” comes online and pays out the guild, your account will be demoted to troll.

Chat, Forum and Mumble:

Guild site access is important!

It is highly encouraged that all members make an account on our guild website. It is where a lot of the guild news will be found, as well as help to our community grow in our forums.

In-game, on our Forums and on Mumble:


  • Use your keen wit
  • Occasionally grace us with your inventive innuendo
  • Astound us with your wordplay prowess

Please do not:

  • Needlessly and excessively swear (We’re not your mum, swearing when appropriate is fine)

Guild Roles and Structure:


  • Roles are not set in stone. The number of them and their nature, expand and contract depending on the needs of the guild and its resources.
  • Roles are reviewed every three months to ensure they are current with Guild Wars 2.
  • Players in roles which grant them authority are reviewed every three months to ensure that their duties are being fulfilled, for their feedback about the role, and to also to provide a recurring opportunity to opt-out of the role.

It is important to note that roles of management and leadership are not roles of power, but rather roles of servitude. They are roles of responsibility.

Guild Management

Guild Leader – Provides long-term vision for guild. Administrates guild in-game. Maintains guild website. Pays the bills. Absorbs the responsibilities of the Officer role.

Officer – Maintains guild harmony, recruits new members, maintains bank, supports guildies.

Tactical Leaders

PvP Battlemaster – Keeps up to date with the “meta game” and map tactics, organises tournaments and practice sessions, and maintains a general awareness of major PvP orientated skills and abilities. Maintains briefings/debriefings for their team.

PvE Raid Leader – Keeps up to date with boss tactics and dungeon layouts, organises dungeon and challenge sessions, and maintains a general awareness of major PvE orientated skills and abilities. Maintains briefings/debriefings for their team.

WvW Commander – Keeps up to date with map tactics, represents SD in the mists and co-ordinates our forces (occasionally in conjunction with allied guilds). Maintains a general awareness of main WvW strategies.

Team Members

PvP Gladiator – Is a member of our formal sPvP team.

PvE Raider – Is a member of our formal challenge team.

WvW Captain – Works in conjunction with the commander to lead a squad of our guildies into battle.

General Membership

Veteran – A seasoned member who has been active in SD for six months.

Member – A fully fledged member of SD.

Initiate – All new social members start at Intiate for two weeks before promotion to Member.

Team Recruit – Any recruit or member interested in joining one of our teams will be promoted to this role during the probationary period.


THUNDERFURY, BLESSED BLADE OF TH…. Troll restricts chat speaking permissions.

Recruitment Process:

To join Sweet Disposition, simply:

  • Read our charter;
  • Register an account on our website; and
  • Contact an officer for an in-game invite.

While realistically the order of these three steps might be jumbled, it is expected that all are completed within 72 hours of an in-game invite. There is a probationary period of two weeks before promotion to full membership.

Formal Teams

To apply for one of our formal teams ( Progressive PvE, Competitive PvP, Formal WvW) there are two ways to start the application process:

If you are currently a member of Sweet Disposition, you can simply flag your intentions to us


Use our Contact SD form and we’ll get in touch.

In both cases, we’ll organise a casual interview on Mumble so we can get to know a bit about you and visa-versa. Naturally, if you’ve been part of our guild for some time, this process will be shorter.

The interview will be organised for a mutually suitable time. It is a good idea to nominate times which don’t clash or sit next to other commitments, as the interview is casually paced. We are conscious of your time and so we won’t start the recruitment process unless we have a spot available, or we are close to creating one in a new team.

There are three main parts to our Mumble interview:

Tea and Buscuits (BYO)

Think of this as a long lost catch up opportunity. It’s your chance to find out more about our guild and it’s our chance to learn more about you, what you want out of our guild and a team environment.

If you’ve already been part of our guild for a while, we will be using this time to catch up and have some good old fashioned quality time, while going over a few aspects that we might not have needed to cover before.

In any case, its a casual event. Unless you usually play wearing a suit and tie, don’t frame yourself into a formal mentatilty and stress out about it, we don’t bite (much)! 🙂

Play Time

As we chat, we’ll organise a place to meet in-game for some relaxed fun (and a few laughs) as we go.

The kind of activities we’re inclined to partake include random PvE (auto-run adventure!), a few hot matches in PvP or even some jumping puzzles! Nothing too involved as it’s not a test, just some fun as we get to know you.

For The Record

As we near the end of our chat we’ll finish off with “For The Record”. This is easily the only formal part of the interview process and will be very quick.

What we’ll do is go over a set of questions, most of which you’ve already answered as part of our conversion. This is best described as a verbal application form and gives you a chance to hammer in and polish the replies you’ve already given us in a concise and confident manner.

With your permission (and only with your permission) we will record this section using Mumble’s in-build recorder, which will announce to the channel when the recording has started/stopped and this will give us something to reflect on later and save on typing as you dictate. You have no obligation to grant us permission to record this section and there will be no impact in opting out. This section may take a little bit longer if it needs to be typed out by the recruiter on the fly.

Recordings are only kept for the purpose of the recruitment process. They are stored locally and are never uploaded to an online location. They are kept only as long as the recruitment process remains open and as soon as a decision is made, they are deleted. Any future subsequent applications will naturally require repeating this process.

Interview Tips and Tricks

There are a few pointers we can give, in order to make this process as smooth and relaxed as possible:

  • Have Mumble installed and ready for the interview. We have instructions on how to set up mumble at SD/Mumble.
  • Try not to stress out about it. Some people get very nervous about interviews, we can assure you there is nothing to be apprehensive about when dealing with us. We’re not worth more than you, we don’t bite and if we were conducting this interview in a physical location, we wouldn’t be hiding behind a giant expensive desk and executive chair, we’d be sitting next to you on the same kind of furniture.
  • None of our questions require a great deal of preparation. We’re asking questions about you! Simple ones! Please don’t go rehearsing massive speeches, we’re much more interested in who you are on a daily basis, rather than a sales pitch version of you.
  • Be yourself.

Generally we’ll try to make a decision within a week depending on the number of applicants and spots available. However, if we need to ask additional questions via email or on our forums, there might be a delay due to reply turn-around.

If you are not successful, it will not have any effect on your membership with Sweet Disposition. Likewise, if you are not currently a member, our doors are always open if you still wish to join us.

Team Expectations:


Listen to and respect a leader’s directions and decisions

Disagreements can be handled in private at a later time. Differing opinions are cherished and deserve a platform to be heard, but to keep a session running smooth, don’t let them cause major disruption, put them up on the forums or debriefing.

Be ready for each session 15 minutes beforehand

We need to get the most out of our sessions. Everyone has life commitments and so it’s important that sessions start on time.

Let us know if you cannot make it to a session, with as much notice as possible

Post your absence on the forums, or send the GL an email. We totally understand things pop up, just try to let us know so we can deal with it.

Have Mumble installed and ready to use before a session starts

Sweet Disposition uses Mumble servers, if you need help setting it up, check out our forums, SD/Mumble or ask an officer. You do not necessarily need to talk, but it is uber important to be able to listen to a Leader’s directions.

You will make an attempt to participate in our fun social events

Nobody is too good to play kegbrawl! Social events are part and parcel of guild bonding. They’re fun and they improve rapport between everyone in the guild, including team members.

Follow our 5 P’s of PWNAGE!

Multi-Guilding and Inactivity:

We are comfortable with multi-guilding and have no problems with our members being part of a number of guilds. If you do regularly log in but haven’t visited SD for an extended period of time, we may contact you after three months to catch up and ask if you intend to continue being a part of our guild.

We won’t remove players who have not logged into game for a while, however we really appreciate it if you let us know in advance through our forums if you’re taking a break from GW2.

Dispute Resolution Process:

Conflict is natural byproduct of human interaction. If managed properly, it can present growth opportunities. Below is a flowchart documenting our general dispute resolution process.

Leaving SD:

If you decide that SD isn’t for you or you feel that it is time to move onto other guilds and don’t wish to participate with SD any more, simply contact an officer stating that you wish to exit the guild and leave the guild in-game. We will disable your account on our website for two weeks, before deleting it.

We understand that there are many different reasons why people leave guilds and we hold no animosity towards a player who decides to leave us.

If you have an issue that you feel can be resolved, please contact an officer with your concerns before the situation gets out of hand.

Provided you do not burn your bridges, we will welcome you back if you change your mind at a later date.