Scalability in SD and why it’s important.

What is scalability and why it is mentioned so often in SD? By Haydenator 19/08/2012 As our members are aware and some visitors may have noticed, we’ve been undergoing some major transformations in the past week. Our front page and charter have undergone large revisions and our new forum platform with subdomain are part of […]

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Nearly there

Tick-Tock! Exciting times indeed with headstart access beginning in less than ten days. For some, this represents the end of years of anticipation and the dreaded (yet respected) “When it’s ready!”. For Sweet Disposition, we are excited on two counts, the first because we all get to dig into Guild Wars 2 and the second, […]

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The Final Countdown

Fantastic news, Guild Wars 2 now has an official release date! According to ArenaNet’s blog┬áthe game will go live on Tuesday 28/08/2012, with the three-day head start access for pre-purchasing customers beginning on Saturday 25/08/12. The next (and final) Beta Weekend Event will also run during 20-22/06/12. Suffice it to say, this is very exciting […]

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Beta Weekend Event II


The second Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2 has been announced! How exciting ­čśÇ The event will start on Saturday 9th June at 5am and will conclude┬áMonday 11th June at 5pm, EST/GMT+10. Keep this date in mind, so clear your schedule, finish your homework early, feign death for your friends, family and work commitments […]

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The birth of Sweet Disposition.

SD - Small Logo

Really excited to register the domain and bring it online. It's like a blob of clay before us, shapeless and not very pretty (make that hideous!), but with enough love, time and thought, we'll make this our guild home! Go us!  

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