Sweet Disposition and Alliances

-Our Approach-

At this stage of the game and SD’s own development, we are approaching alliances with a decentralised style of operation. We want to organically grow our relationships with other guilds and their members by developing a strong inter-guild rapport in game, rather than formally entering into an agreement and end up withdrawing; we do this to respect our members, our name, and also to provide flexibility to all parties involved.

We wish to establish a network of friendly guilds, which respect the autonomy of each guild and particularly in WvW, act as a decentralised method of protecting the Sea of Sorrows. This allows us to avoid rigid agreements and enables us to advise our members on which guild may need the most support at any given time, regardless of their formal alliance.

To become one of our friendly guilds, simply let us know by using our Contact SD form, provide the following information and we’ll get in contact with you:

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